How to style a beautiful family picnic

How to style a beautiful family picnic

When celebrating with family and friends, there’s no doubt that the memories you create are the most important element, so when you add some beautiful styling and details to your picnic be it in your own back garden, a local park or amazing cliff top view, the experience becomes one which is thoughtful and unique.

Today we share with you a few simple ideas of how you can style your family picnic, for that everlasting memory, whilst keeping it oh so practical to transport, setup and packdown.

The key is to keep it simple, whether you’re choosing to have your picnic outdoors at a park or lookout. Rather than going overboard we recommend choosing a few simple elements to style your picnic to ensure it’s relaxed and stress free.

Tip Number 1 - Beautiful Furnishings, Beautiful Picnic

A collection of beautiful soft furnishings such as rugs, cushions, throws and table linens will instantly theme your picnic, whilst being practical in use. Choose colours with intention ensuring they compliment each other for an completely styled look. If grandma is attending and requires a chair, a simple throw over the top can make all the difference in completing your beautiful styled picnic.

Tip Number 2 - Invest in some beautiful picnic wear.

Interesting shaped and coloured plastic cups and melamine plates are easy to come by and an investment which will last for picnic celebrations for years to come. Choose colour tones which compliment your soft furnishings, or if you’re wanting to change the look of your picnics as time progresses, choose neutral colours which will compliment any look.


Tip Number 3 - Practical with your props

What’s the secret to finding props, which are practical, but look amazing? Perhaps you have a timber box in the garage, galvanised bucket or rattan picnic suitcase? Hollow occasional furnishings are all great for storing and transporting things in, and then using as surfaces at your picnic. Think outside of the square to your usual plastic picnic furnishings. If you’re stuck with that family esky from 1982, a pretty tea towel thrown over becomes a table for wine glasses, or that Moroccan footstool in your sunroom makes great table for your wine cooler.

Tip Number 4 - Let the food do the styling

Vases of flowers are a beautiful idea for a picnic, however you can get an equally as effective vision styling fresh fruits such as figs, dried apples, grapes and pomegranates layered onto a grazing board with cheeses and condiments, without the hassle of keeping your flowers hydrated or carrying a vase. You may also find sprigs of pretty flowers in the park or your garden to work into the food styling. Display your platters at different heights to create interest by popping a small board underneath or using a footed cake stand instead of a plate.


Furnishings used in this feature are by Anna Chandler and available from us Bella Boheme

Styling: Penny Lane Studio

Photography: Asia Upward



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