Giving Back

"Do your little bit of good where you are. Its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world"

- Desmond Tutu

Paying it forward is at the heart of our business. We’re extremely proud to be partnering with the Sebastian Foundation with $1 from every online sale being donated to support Youth Mental Health via Sebastian Foundations ‘Open Parachute’ program. As a Mother of three I have seen first-hand the struggles and challenges that the youth of today have to navigate their way through. It is a very different world to the one I grew up in! The Bella Boheme team is honoured to play a small part in helping kids overcome the many obstacles they face during their childhood years - Em xx

The Open Parachute program gives students skills to support their mental health. It is a school-based program that makes it easy for teachers to provide mental health support for all their students. Each program is designed by a team of Clinical Psychologists and educators, so that the support which normally only takes place for a few students in a therapy office is now translated into easily accessible learning activities for every single student in class.

The Sebastian Foundation proudly supports this ground-breaking school program that aims to make a difference in the mental health of adolescents, helping them to understand and survive issues such as low self-esteem, trauma, abuse, bullying/friendship difficulties, addiction, eating/body image issues, depression /anxiety, loss/grief at an extremely vulnerable time in their lives.

Bella Boheme is committed to doing our bit in walking more gently upon the earth and using our business as a platform for a better world for all.