DIY The DiVINE woven Christmas Star

DIY The DiVINE woven Christmas Star


Just past the Highest point of the Blue Mountains and down the Victoria pass into the Kanimbla Valley Celine Watz of Floral By Nature is growing her dream of an Organic Flower Farm. 

Celine, a Mother of two beautiful children shared her very own DIY of creating a beautiful Boho inspired Woven Christmas Star Decoration. We joined Celine and her daughter Indi on the stunning piece of land, which shares it's own little stretch of the Cox's River for to learn how its done.


You might remember the classic ‘nail board’ craft activity from those early school days? Well this is a new spin on the classic and its just as easy.

This is the perfect activity to do with the children this school holidays and once you understand the basic techniques for making up your star, the possibilities are limitless. Weave any shape you like.

Suitable vines include Ivy, Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Hardenbergia. Test suitable vines by wrapping it around your finger. If it doesn’t snap, it’s perfect for this type of weaving.

Equipment required

Piece of wood
Long nails
Long lengths of vine 
Optional decorative elements such as Rose petals, small flowers, beads, and feathers

Making your star


Step 1. Draw a star on your piece of wood. Alternatively use a star template.

Step 2. Hammer nails roughly 3-4cm apart around the whole perimeter of the star, leaving most of the nail above the wood. This is now your nail board.

Step 3. Strip most of the leaves off the vines and begin weaving them around the nails and through the star. Continue this, taking care to weave in and out of the star. This will help the star hold its shape.

Step 4. Once the star takes shape and you think you have weaved enough vines into it, its time to pull the nails out of your nail board and free your star. Once your star is off the board continue to weave vines through the star filling in any holes or weak spots.

Step 5. Add any special touches like rose petals, feathers, pine cones, berries, etc..


Floral + DIY Star Design: Floral By Nature

Photography: Kylie Carson

Styling: Penny Lane Studio

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