A dedication to our most inspiring women, for International Womens Day

A dedication to our most inspiring women, for International Womens Day


“You will find true success and happiness if you have only one goal. There really is only one, and that is this: To fulfil the highest, most truthful expression of yourself as a human being. You want to max out your humanity by using your energy to lift yourself up, your family, and the people around you.” – Oprah Winfrey

In celebration of International Womens Day, today’s journal has been written by our beautiful and inspiring leader Emma…

'I feel so incredibly blessed to be surrounded and uplifted by so many inspiring, creative & nurturing women in my life.

From my Beautiful late Mum Marea who taught me the value of working hard to make your dreams happen,her incredible eye for beauty runs deep in my veins,and her gentle ever knowing wisdom is a guiding light always.

My two magnificent daughters who are both strong minded Goddesses, their love for each other is one of my greatest joys in life,I hope one day they find what it is they truly love and manage to make a living from it.

My absolutely incredible Bella Tribe...these women who give so much of themselves to make this dream a reality. They juggle children, families, partners, work and still give their absolute all every.single.day...To the Bella's, it's more than just a job, they are passionate about our store, our customers and the care they have for each other. They don’t leave work at the end of the day and forget about it, they message me late at night with ideas, things they may have forgotten to tell me that day or suggestions on what we can do better.

They are smart, talented, creative, strong, nurturing women who I feel very honoured to call friends. 

So, In celebration of this years International Women’s Day we gathered our Bella's around to ask them what women inspires them and why? .....'


My girls are my inspirational women...with their ability to see the good in everyone ‘if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all’


The mum, wife, girlfriend or colleague who is wearing a smile and surviving. Being strong and selfless even tho she might be feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders.



My inspirational woman would definitely and obviously be my Mumma. To put into a few words why she is my inspiration is close to impossible as the list could go on forever. First of all, she has created this dream business of hers that has made the family and I so proud. But I also feel grateful to be apart of it and to be influenced by all the strong women within the business. Mum has taught me that in order to find happiness you don’t have to rely on others to bring you that happiness because happiness is found within the things you love, the people your surrounded by and how you decide to carry yourself throughout life. An important lesson I have learnt is to have respect for myself as a female. Today in the generation I am being brought up in, I see girls forgetting to have respect for themselves and forgetting that beauty is so much more than what you see in the mirror, or how people portray themselves online. Mum has shown me that in order to be a strong beautiful woman, you must carry yourself with grace, humility and shine your beauty through the things you love. Not only is she my inspiration but my absolute best friend and I cannot be more grateful to be able to call her my biggest inspiration and my Mumma xx



What such a huge responsibility to think of one particular woman that inspires me as there are so many amazing women that have become so prominent in today’s world but I think the one that absolutely stands out to me is “Malala Yousafzai” I feel I could write forever about all the amazing things this beautiful young woman has gone through, accomplished and has in her future plans to change the way young women are educated not only in her country but in the world. To be able to keep fighting for what she believes in after having to face everything that happened to her in a place where she should of felt safe to me is the bravest and shows us as women young and old it’s not how old you are, where you come from and what you believe in but to stand by what you want, trust in your heart and know that just because we are women we all have a lioness inside waiting to come out and show the world exactly what we are made of. 


The woman I have chosen that inspires me is....drum roll.....my Mum! Mum is near to completing her PHD, despite it creating many stresses and pressure in her life she can't help but put up the fight for what her heart truly desires. She has always encouraged me to pursue an identity outside of the mother/wife role so whether it's taking the time for a creative workshop or committing to yoga classes she inspires me to put up the fight. 


Inspiring women surround me in my everyday. They are my family, friends and colleagues. About nine months ago, one of my close friends lost her 14yo daughter Stephanie suddenly to a massive cancerous tumour. The way a beautiful bunch of women rallied to support her and her family was unfaltering. Women who gave of themselves to hold up another in her darkest hour. Women who were selfless. And not only this, but Stephanie’s mum, although broken herself, checked up on my son who was mourning the loss of his friend and finding it difficult to understand her death. Such strength and love in adversity. Women supporting women is inspirational. Let’s lift each other up.


An inspiring woman in my life is My Mum, although she is not with us anymore, she still inspires me everyday. She taught me that as women, we are strong and powerful. She showed me the incredible support of a loving tribe of women through her friendships. She taught me to follow my dreams, and that I can be successful in anything, especially if I do it with as much authenticity and passion as possible. I can only hope that I can share these same learnings with my daughter.


Photography: Kylie Carson

Location: Norman Lindsay Gallery



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