Spirit Tribe Journal

Zara Elwood and The Gypsy Weekender Tribe
Zara Elwood is a passionate and creative woman and a true travelling gypsy. In 1997, after 20 years working in the Melbourne fashion industry, completely dissatisfied with the high volume of cheaply produced clothing, Zara followed her calling to support...
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The Bella Motherhood Memoirs
  Here at Bella HQ we are are a tribe of Mothers and Daughters who share our time between our families and our love for sharing the Bella Boheme experience. This week we wanted to dedicate our blog towards the women...
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Monique's Vegan Raw Cacao and Avocado cake
  Here at the Bella Boheme HQ we LOVE ourselves a sneaky Cacao treat. The bitter-sweet flavour of this less processed form of chocolate takes us to far away exotic places and warms our soul. So when Monique Laing, head baker and creator...
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