The Dreamers Guide to the Blue Mountains - Keeping it cool in summer, Mountain style.

The Dreamers Guide to the Blue Mountains - Keeping it cool in summer, Mountain style.
The Mountains might not be the first summer holiday destination that comes to mind, but as locals, we think it should be at the top of your list. For those who like to find a way to cool off in the intense heat of the summer, the Mountains have some perfect alternatives to aircon and concrete pools, which will lead you back to the healing space of nature and leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed.
To cool down in summer its all about immersing yourself in the wilderness… lazing beneath the boughs of the trees, dipping your toes into the creeks, rivers and lakes, or taking a walk into the depth of the rainforests and showering beneath fresh flowing water-falls.
The cool Mountain nights leave you to sleep peacefully with the windows open, awakening to the song birds of the morning, ready to do it all over again.
Here we are pleased to share with you, our top five secret locations to get back to nature and cool down in the wilderness of our home, the Blue Mountains.
  1. Horseshoe Falls – Oaklands Road, Hazelbrook. There are a number of falls on this walk, if you aren’t fully absorbed with the first, there are three more to enjoy on the same track. Horseshoe is a short 15 minute walk into a series of cascades, where you can wade in pools of water, surrounded by rocks dressed in cool coatings of moss and lashings of ferns (pictured).
  2. Scenic World – Katoomba. If you are looking for a less secluded approach, take the scenic railway into the depths of the Rainforest in Katoomba. Of for those who want a work out, the Furber stairs take you directly to the same location where you will find 2.4 km of boardwalk in the cool of the rainforest. Reward yourself on the return by taking the cable car back to the top of the tourist attraction, giving you the full perspective above the canopy of the stunning tree line below.
  3. Minnehaha Falls – Minnehaha Road, North Katoomba. Not for the feint hearted, the walk to Minnehaha is approx. 30 mins in, with a series of stairs and walkways to reach the bottom. At the bottom the most breathtaking waterfall awaits with a beautiful deep swimming hole of cool water for you to enjoy until your heart is filled with the healing energy of nature.
  4. Jellybean Pool – Bruce Road, Glenbrook. It is an approx. 15 minute to walk down to the expansive waterhole which is named so because it resembles a jellybean. The perfect swimming spot for families, there are a series of sandy banks surrounding the natural waterhole, which is shallow enough to wade and deep enough in other areas to swim. This is probably the most popular spot for both locals and tourists for good reason.

  5. The Campbell Rhododendron Gardens – Bacchante St, Blackheath. Whilst there aren’t any swimming holes, the Rhododendron gardens is a beautiful place to picnic beneath the trees and stroll through the combination of cool climate and tropical inspired gardens. With hand laid rock stone bridges, a beautiful lake and ferns a-plenty, it is a magical destination suitable for all ages (pictured).

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    Shot on location at Horseshoe Falls, Hazelbrook + The Campbell Rhododendron Gardens, Blackheath
    Photographer: Asia Upward
    Model: Victoria Lopez
    Styling: Penny Lane Studio

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